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Our Composite Doors Are Manufactured Utilising Only The Best Components To Create Stylish, Secure, Reliable And Durable Doors

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  • No-deposit finance packages make our products even more affordable.
  • 10-year guarantee on ALL our installations.
  • 12 years of continuous trading- our track record speaks for itself.

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Rated: 4.7 35+ Reviews

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Paul Queen

Very pleased with with the service from Superior Home. From the initial conversation choosing the door to the fitting and the following up text to ensure we were happy. Well done! I would recommend to others. Thank you.

Catriona Flynn

Fantastic service from David who repaired back window. Allisa took ownership of the call from myself yesterday. Fantastic work superior after 8 years

Angela Cassidy

This company was 1st class from start to finish. Windows were measured 1 week and fitted the next. Thanks guys, would definitely recommend to anyone looking for windows and doors

Joyce Law

Excellent company to deal with top class. Window fitters were great,done a great job. Only bad i have to say is i felt i was getting hounded to pay as soon as windows were brought to house

Bill Hamill

Excellent service really pleased with results French doors and bedroom windows..workmen excellent tidied up after themselves. Highly recommend

Ian Mcghee

got 2 doors fitted by this company and really happy with the way they look and feel went to a few places but superiors showroom was very impressive with lots of products on display highly recommend thanks .

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